Coming into Steelville is a visual treat as you enter the lush valley and onto our Main Street. The spring-fed Yadkin Creek flows right down through the middle of town, whispering of Steelville's colorful past! Founded in 1935 by James Steel, the town was planned along the Main Street. As settlers began arriving, the town began to grow.

In 1837, the infamous Trail of Tears passed through Steelville, Missouri reportedly camping at what is now our city park. During the Civil War, a battle was fought at Huzzah Valley, now a famous resort. Bullets still remain in trees with two graves nearby. In 1898, Steelville had its worst disaster in the form of a flood. Twelve people drowned and many houses were washed away. There is also a bank robbery in Steelville's far past!

Steelville has always been the county seat of Crawford County. The present courthouse is believed to have been built in 1870. There are many homes in Steelville that are more than 100 years old.

Surrounding our historic town is the beautiful Ozark Country! A real source of pride is the new city park with a wonderful pool, ball fields, tennis courts, a track, park pavilions and walking trails along the spring-fed Whittenberg Creek! Our schools and churches are a solid pillar of strength in a community that emphasizes strong character and values.

There are three floatable streams in our area: Meramec River, Huzzah Creek and Courtois Creek - offering great fun for thousands! Floating, Canoeing, Rafting, Swimming, Fishing - over 100 miles of floatable streams here! Over 1 1/2 million acres of Mark Twain National Forest and thousands of Missouri Conservation acres offer the absolute best in wild turkey and whitetail deer hunting! Also, enjoy camping and trails too!